This is just a demo instance!

This is a demo instance of the DeerStorage. You can register and click it through, but your data will be removed after some time. There is no warranty that this site will work and you will be able to access your account

I encourage you to set up your own instance and give it a try.


Your online database. As it should be.

git clone
cd deer_storage
docker run -i --rm -v $(pwd)/initial-setup-env.exs:/s.exs elixir:1.11-alpine elixir /s.exs
# copy and paste what you see to .env file
docker-compose up

Read more about this project here:

Read the source code here:

License: GNU GPL v3

DeerStorage. Store your data in a structured way. Inside a deer-ectory!

With DeerStorage you can create your database as tables and store your files inside each row.

Share whatever you want. Allow users to edit your data

You can share your data and allow people to edit them using a secret link. Afterwards, you can invalidate all your shared links and revoke access to the data. They can even upload files for you!

See all changes right away

When user makes changes to anything, you can see it right away. If there is a risk of loosing your changes, you will see an alert allowing you to handle this.

Step 1: Create your database

Your first database is created automatically when you register and confirm your e-mail. Additional ones require administrator to create them for you. You can toggle administrator mode in "Settins" tab (as long as you own the website). Go ahead and create your account

Step 2: Rethink and decide how you want to manage your data

Deciding how you want to create your tables may not seem easy at first sight, but trust me, it is worth thinking it through. After creating your table, you still will be able to rename columns to match your data. At this point, you cannot remove your columns because of data-loss prevention.

Step 3: Start creating your records and see for yourself how efficient it is!

I've tested record search with over 100,000 records within one table and it remains blazingly fast even with such immense amounts of data. Having said that, you can create many records and don't need to worry about quick access to your data. DeerStorage is a great solution for example for sales teams with hundreds of clients worked on simultaneously.

Step 4 (optional): Share whatever you want, to whoever you want, and revoke access with just one click.

You can share records for viewing and downloading files or for editing and uploading files. You can invalidate all shared links for a record with one click.